What is vertical Jump?


The vertical jump is a physical movement in which an athlete arise itself higher with the use of its own muscles to reach maximum height in order to achieve success. There are two sports in which an athlete require higher jump against its team. The one is Basketball and the second in volleyball. The higher jump shows the athletic ability of any athlete also the speed of running over shorter distances.

How to improve your vertical Jumps?

Rising own self-higher than usual in sport is compulsory to get the success.

You can improve your vertical jumps by performing these following easy exercises:

1. Calisthenics exercise

It is a basic bodyweight exercise which can help to build up your muscles and increase flexibility in them such as push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. Regardless of any place you can it anywhere.

2. Stretching legs

It is a great easiest exercise that you can do to stretch your leg muscles and make them flexible. Which loosens your muscles and improve jumping ability. Just stretch your muscles by using your heels or toes.

3. Calf raises

Stand on your feet. Raise yourself up by using your toes then move down. Do it slowly so that your muscles can do work harder and good.

Start this exercise with a minimum of 20 reps and increase it as much you can do.


  1. Deep Squats

This exercise strengths your ankles and makes flexible legs by stretching out the muscles.

Stand on your feet with some distance apart. Raise your arms straight to your shoulders. Move yourself down slowly. But take off your hips to the ground. Bend your knees just like you are in sitting position when coming down. Then go up back to your starting position.

Start this exercise with 3 sets of 10 squats.

5. Standing on one leg

To make your ankles much stronger and prevent from the ankle injury, this exercise will be the good one. Just stand on one leg and focus on any object which is straight and near you. Hold your leg up until it tired then switch to other leg and take it up slowly until the first leg gets down. Repeat this process again and again.

6. Polymetric exercises

This is one of the best exercises to improve your vertical jump and strengthen your muscles.

Do it at least twice a week.

7. Jump Squats

Stand on your feet with some distance apart. Move slowly down to make some degrees between your knees and hips. Then jump up from squatting position. Repeat it again and again from different sides. Remember; do not land yourself straight up.


Higher vertical jumps are the most important aim of any athlete to win in any sport. You can improve vertical jumps by means of performing different exercises, which strengths your muscles and gives flexibility in them. Which can not only provide you higher vertical jumps but also keeps you fit.

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