Useful for any age, regardless of the age of the carrier of this cloths bag, the shoulder strap will always look good. It does not occur as with other larger bags that are excessively overloaded in small women. ถุงคราฟท์ are extremely useful.

The material

Firstly for an environmental issue: Limiting the use of plastic is a world priority.

On the other hand and for our organic bag model, we chose 100% organic cotton. This tissue is natural and comes from ecological plantations in which no pesticides or other chemical substances have been used. This material also has other properties such as a more resistant texture and is especially recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin.


Another advantage of cloth bags. Because if the plastic bags do not last anything, the fabric guarantees long-term durability and will support more weight and long distances.


Using a cloth bag you will avoid buying plastic bags that are becoming more expensive, both in stores and in supermarkets. Taking your personalized fabric bag with you will not have to pay another bag each time you make a new purchase

The aesthetics

Due to its characteristics, cloth bags have a unique style, very different from plastic ones. The cloth bags are fashionable and more and more people choose them as a complement to go shopping, to work or to go out and enjoy their free time.

The quality

The quality of the print is added to the quality of the material and you know how we like to take care of detail so that they are perfect. We want your images, designs, phrases or logos to look great on your fabric bag, because looking after the planet and being fashionable is not impossible.

Why buy a suitcase or travel bag made with cloths

Both suitcases and travel bags are suitable for all types of public, that is, they are made for both men and women, for children or for the elderly. Anyway, you can find a suitcase or a travel bag suitable for you.

There are a large number of models in the market, so you can find, without any problem bags and unisex bags of all sizes, both small and large and medium.

The advantages of carrying a suitcase or a travel bag made with cloths

The two options have their advantages and have their disadvantages, but the most important thing is that it is essential to choose a brand that guarantees superior quality, whether in a suitcase or in a travel bag.

The fundamental advantage of suitcases is rigidity. You will be able to find suitcases of rigid format while it will be quite complicated to find a travel bag in this format. In the case of travel bags, the main advantage is the versatility that it offers and the little space they occupy, something unthinkable in rigid luggage.

When going to the table, it is advisable to leave it in the same chair behind the body. Also, if we choose to carry a minaudière, as it is considered a jewel and it is very small, it is allowed to leave it on the table to the left of the plate.

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Overview Shopko was founded in 1962 by James Ruben, and his first store opened in Green Bay. Shopko was acquired by a private Sun Capital Partners company from Boca Raton in 2005, became private and parted with the network in Omaha, Nebraska, which, like Shopko, is still owned by a subsidiary of Sun Capital Partners.

More “Value” to its customers

Shopko Coupons giving the residents of a small city a store with a grocery store, a full range of products for the house, branded clothes and small appliances and a pharmacy, says: “We are like a mini-department store.”

In fact, he says that one of the goals of the Native City is to get the locals to think twice before getting into the car and driving 50-60 miles round-trip to the nearest major competitor.

“We provide our customers with a wide range of consumables at competitive prices,” he says. “We are not the cheapest, but we give good value for money.” The prices for products are determined by research in the local market.

Places of origin usually offer about 35,000 articles; the great merchants of Shopko’s carry about 100,000 people. The e-commerce operation sells more than 150,000 items. Local stores tend to be slightly larger and have more items than regular Dollar General or Family Dollar stores.

In addition, store managers receive a significant budget for community participation. In addition to local schools and charities, stores are also trying to buy from local suppliers, including in some places that buy beer from local breweries.

More recently, the network has given local managers more voice about which products to order. The company learned that the lesson is the worst way, says McMahon, after the place of the Native City in Andrews, Texas, received a large shipment of heavy winter clothing that was completely out of place in a hot climate. “It was not the best marketing situation,” he says.

When a new store was recently opened in Canadian, Texas, a small town near Amarillo, Shopko coupons invited fans from the local high school to introduce him. No wonder: some players from the school football team also appeared with their families.

The same program of customer loyalty in the shops of Shopko was extended to the places in the Hometown. The company has 7 million loyalty card holders, of which 4 million are frequent users.

Most recently, Hometown has worked to welcome millennial customers. The network has a presence on Facebook and Interest; to increase interest in younger consumers, not only invites the city council and the mayor to shorten the tape when opening new stores.

After several decades, McMahon began to quickly learn the retail habits of American consumers and domestic pop culture. After joining Shopko in late 2013, he led the restructuring, which reduced overhead by 15 percent and led to a 20 percent increase in the store base.

He also led a complete review of the e-commerce business in the chain. Last year, Shopko Coupons launched a new brand strategy with the slogan: “Shopko, what counts”. The profitability increased by 45 percent,