Is your home radon free? Have you done the test for radon at your home? If not, then get it tested right away. Radon is a radioactive gas which is odorless, tasteless and invisible which is not good for human body. It is can cause lung cancer and other fatal diseases. The surgeon General of the United States has notified that most of the houses in the United States have radon and need to be tested to check the levels of radon present so that they can adopt methods and techniques to reduce the levels of radon to acceptable levels.

Radon in home Dangerous effects of radon

Radon in home can cause lung cancer and other breathing problems and it can increase the risk if you smoke at home which has high level of radon. EPA and the surgeon general recommend to test the levels of radon present in each house at the United States especially for all the homes which are below the third floor. Radon is a gas which forms from the breaking of uranium present in soil, rock and water that enters the air you breathe. Radon can also enter into the water supply to your home and can cause stomach cancer if it is consumed. It is very dangerous for human health and should be checked at every house to keep all related health issues at bay.

Radon in home doesn’t provide a safe environment and need to be checked. It can be found in every kind of houses be it old, new, well-sealed, draughty or the houses with basement or without basement. Get the Radon in home checked as soon as possible to provide a safe and healthy environment for yourself and your family members. For every house, the level of radon present is different so you cannot rely on the radon test result of your neighbor. You need to get it done for your house to get the exact result.

Avail the proper methods and techniques to make your house free from radon

You can contact your state radon office for providing you information as well as techniques to make your home radon free. You will find large number of licensed and registered radon professionals to provide you quality service. They know the proper techniques to obstruct the gas to enter the homes. The process of installation becomes easy if the house is being constructed and can be cost effective. If you are buying a radon resistant house then also it is recommended to get check the levels of radon in home. If the test shows a result more than 4 pCi/L then you can install a vent fan to make the system active and help in reducing the levels of radon.

Radon in home

Radon resistant techniques include many features that will help to seal the foundation of the house with Gas permeable layer, plastic sheeting and other resistant technology to prevent the formation of the gas and entering the house. Get rid of this dangerous gas by hiring the professionals near your place.