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The hardware parts of the Borescopes play important role in shaping their design and functional features to a great extent. The way in which each part is installed in the design helps in improving the performance levels of the device. The general components include external body, objective lens, insertion shaft, probing device, LED, camera, display unit, battery, cable, CMOS chip, internal tubes etc. Most of the components associated with imaging and probing are rotatable in nature (from +/-90-degrees to +/-360-degress). As you can see this is one of the unique features  that make the Borescopes versatile in nature. Now you can use them for covering deeper parts of the civil construction sites, angular structures and minutest of the defects which would normally go undetected by other probing devices.

Borescopes Hardware Construction

  • Objective Lens: – The objective lens of the Borescopes is the critical part through which the light from the image passes initially. The field of view value needs to be at least 90-degrees in each direction to give maximum possible coverage. Some of the models of Borescopes have the lenses installed on a rotating knob which can allow 36-degree rotation in all the directions. But such devices are relatively expensive in cost and need higher degree of maintenance procedures.

  • Probing Device: – The objective lens is generally part of the probing device which has a 4 way articulation and control levers. The length of the probing rod can carry the lens into tbe depths of pipe, canals and civil constructions with ease.
  • LED Lamps: – The LED in the Borescopes are very important for illuminating the entire inspection area. The power and focus area of the lamps depend on their size and the nature of fiber-optics used. Most of the standard devices use 4mm fiber optics with 6500K color temperature LED. The average lifespan of lamp is for 5000 hours.
  • Borescopes Camera: – The Borescopes camera is mounted on a stainless steel head, protected from high pressure and shocks with shield. Since the Borescopes are used in high pressure water pipes, you can imagine the amount of pressure on the device while it is working. The velocity of the flowing water can flood the entire device away. The camera can also rotate through 360-degress with 4-way articulation. In addition the camera sensors are capable of providing side views in addition to the straight and angular views. So you are able to cover the entire 36-degrees area around the Borescopes while they move horizontally forward.
  • Display Unit: – The display unit in the Borescopes is also their control panel. The OS controlled system provides custom menus for the complete device management. In most cases the display unit at the user end is connected with the main Borescopes through long cables or remote connection. The LCD unit works in daylight mode, providing maximum sharpness in display. Many of the touch-screen models can provide advanced control mechanism for image and video recording over extended periods of time. This unit is in turn connected to the USB output for saving the image and video files.