QuickBooks Help for Your QuickBooks File

As an entrepreneur, you may need to get QuickBooks help from time to time. Calling somebody who specifically supports QuickBooks is an excellent way to get that help. Did you know there are several ways to get help with QuickBooks?

  1. Email Your QuickBooks File as an Attachment

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home…or office. You don’t even have to work with somebody in your local area, which gives you wider range of people to choose from.

There are three kinds of backup files you can exchange:

  • Traditional backup (.qbb)
  • Portable file (.qbm)

With these two, don’t work in the file while your QuickBooks person is working in the backup. If you do, changes your made will be erased once the backup is returned and restored.

  • Accountant’s Copy (.qbx)

The nice thing about Accountant’s Copy is that you can work in the file after the dividing date. Your accountant can work in before the dividing date.

  1. Use a Remote Access Service.

Remote access is when somebody accesses your computer from their computer.You can use remote access a couple ways:

  • Have your bookkeeping done on your computer, without somebody coming to your office.
  • Get QuickBooks technical support or training for yourself or somebody else on your staff.
  • Access your own computer at work when you are traveling or away for other reasons.

Remote access services vary – some allow only the QuickBooks file to be accessed, while others, such as quickbooks file doctor, allow the entire computer to be accessed.

  1. Have the QuickBooks Help Come to You

You can find somebody in your local area to come to your business. Larger businesses often need to use this option, but smaller businesses can choose from any of these. Use the QuickBooks referral database to search for QuickBooks help if you cannot use these other options.