Chefs Most loved Chopping Styles

Can you think that which are those chef’s most loved chopping styles, we will tell you! You can try these chopping styles with any of your Damascus knives. We know that a head chef is the master of all cutting and chopping styles but there are few of the mastery styles whom he loves the most. So if you practice these techniques, then we are sure you will become the favorite student in front of your head chef.

Pont-Neuf Chopping style

When it comes to cutting potatoes then a chef only loves to opt this Pont-Neuf cutting approach. Once you will skin down as well as wash your potatoes, then to cut them down is an important part. To cut them into 2cm x 7cm sizes and to give them a look of chunky form chip shapes, this cut style is only used. In a chef life, fries cooking is common of all. Be it a dinner or an afternoon meal, be it some snack, people love having fries from the cafes. So yes almost all chefs love cutting potatoes and it is this pont-neuf chopping art which they use while cutting this vegetable.

The Batonnet Chopping style and art

This Batonnet technique is hence used to cut down baton-shaped vegetables. This technique follows the dimensions in these measurements, 6mm x 6mm x 6mm. For this specific chopping approach, all the head and master chefs make very much sure that their team sticks to this size, dimensions, and measurements. Your chopped pieces should have continuity in them and they have to look professional.

The Baton Chopping art

This chopping talent is possessed by few of the chefs, in this technique, cuboid shapes are formed. No matter whatever ingredient you are having in your hands and about to be cut and chopped down, mastering in this chopping art is must for you. Mainly large dices are formed in this baton cutting method. The cut size has to be 12mm x 12mm x 6cm. Though this technique is not regularly used while making meals but a master chef should be perfect in this cut artwork.

Small Dice Chopping Manner

You might get deceived by the name of this cut, but here you will not make small dices. Instead, you will be making larger cuts. This technique actually started by first julienning all of the ingredients. And then to dice them up into slightly and little bit bigger sized cubes. Head chefs always make sure that junior chefs get this cutting style all correctly.

This is how the list of chefs most favorite chopping styles goes on and on. So which cutting you can do flawlessly, let us know! There are other immense chopping artworks which we will share with you, so stay tuned. Rest about the details, Damascus wedding band, you can remain in touch because some of the amazing designs in wedding band category are coming up. So are you ready to chop-chop, we are sure yes, let us all enjoy to cook and prepare delicious meals for ourselves by cutting the ingredients finely.