A comprehensive guide to “Bounce Houses”!

Bounce house

Having an inflatable house of your own on, which you can jump and enjoy anytime. It’s like a dream comes true for children. bounce house are a source of enjoyment and fun for everyone. They cater a large audience and can be a source of relaxation and refreshment for people belonging to various different age groups at the same time. These are a source of joy and excitement for kids, teenagers, young people as well as elderly alike and are loved by all. In the past, everyone had to wait for the county fair or the circus group to arrive at their locality and set up these delights for everyone to come and enjoy.

After a while as a result of their fame and demand and with the rising trend of adventure and theme parks, they became a staple at these localities. As it is the case with anything that becomes popular, the manufacturers and designers sat together and worked on new designs and features to satisfy the users even more. This resulted in a flood of new designs, shapes and sizes of inflatable houses in the market. Now we have a variety of inflatable goods and structures that are used for various purposes. This article discusses the various types of these heavenly goods and their characteristics and usage:

  • Basic Bouncy House:The basic bouncy house is very simple and doesn’t have a lot of features and specifications to offer. It is commonly also known as the jumping castle or the moon walker. They do have a variety of shapes and sizes but the basic principle of a bouncy floor filled with air remains the same in all of them.
  • Inflatable Houses with hurdles:These are a little advanced as compared to the prior discussed type. They not only have a bouncy floor but come with additional features as well. These features include obstacles and hurdles. These obstacles have adjustable difficulty levels depending upon the ages of the children that are to use the facility. The built-in obstacles include jumping walls and nets etc.
  • Bounces with Games:The third and amongst the most famous and popular type of bounce structures is the bounce house with games. As the name indicates that, it has tunnels and game arenas in it. The example of game arenas includes an inflatable basketball court, inflatable soccer fields. They also include a variety of ball pits that are actually small compartments of the inflatable house that is filled with colorful rubber balls that are simple as well as inflatable and bouncy.
  • Bouncy Structures with Tunnels:These types of bounce structures have an additional feature of tunnels and slides in them. There is a ladder that leads you to the top of the slide and then you can come down. The ladder is also inflatable to ensure safety. The slides and tunnels may be either inflatable or rigid. A special variation of these bounce houses includes built-in sprinklers to allow water to slide down as well.